Sample Report

Here is a Sample Report of the report you will receive at the end of your home inspection.

We use
Home Inspection Pro reporting system exclusively and here is why.

The most important part of any home inspection program is the report. Reports with Home Inspector Pro are designed to be easy to read and to the point. Home buyers and sellers, as well as their real estate agents have told us that our reports are the easiest they have ever read.

Template System: The unique template system allows me to easily customize the program so that only the features of the property I am working on appear on the report.  Inspectors currently use Home Inspector Pro to do everything from a pre-inspection to a 500 room hotel.
Upload Inspection Reports: Once a report is finished I can upload it to the internet from within the program as well as have an email sent to the real estate agent and the home buyer/seller that has a link the the report for them to view.

Easy to read inspection reports: Your reports will get right to the point, listing exactly what's wrong in an easy to read format.

Table of Contents & Summary: Home Inspector Pro produces a table of contents along with it's summary page. This allows real estate agents/buyers and sellers to quickly find the page they are looking for.

Real Estate Agents: When an agent logs into the website they are able to see all reports that have been uploaded for them, who performed the inspection, the date, and more.

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Home Inspector Pro in use.

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