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Military personnel and Former military personnel

Police                   Fire                           EMS



Receive 25% off of inspection prices*


As a former member of the Canadian Military, I understand the sacrifices made by our troops to protect the sovereignty of this great nation of ours. I also understand the hardships faced by their families. So here at Alota Home Inspection Services we thought we could help alleviate some of those hardships. Prior to purchasing a home I am offering a 25% discount on any property inspection and other investigative services performed.


Also, we are not forgetting the service provided by our civilian emergency response services and law enforcement officers that are performed on a daily basis. I am extending this discount to them as well.


Please Support Our Troops.




For Our American Friends



* If paying on line, full inspection price will be charged and then will be discounted at the inspection. Proof of service or former service must be provided at time of the inspection or regular inspection prices will apply. The purchaser will have a choice of the 25% discount or they may pay full price and 25% of the inspection fee will be donated to support services of our troops or emergency response services at the discretion of the purchaser in their name.

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We Accept the below payment methods as well as Cash, Cheque/Money Order
and Email transfer.



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